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some were born to sing the blues……..

On Saturday, sixteen St Andreans traveled the shorter distance down to Edinburgh to compete in their IV. This still required us to be up at the early time of 7:20 😦

With a break straight to finals, St Andrews A (Farhan and myself), were lucky enough to make the cut. Congratulations/commiserations, to St Andrews B, (Robert and Emmanuel) who narrowly missed the break on speaks. Our freshers also put on an amazing performance for their first IV, we’re all very very proud. The winners where Will Jones and Andrew Fitch as Monash B.

Perhaps the biggest shout out has to go to the team of  Edinburgh freshers, who came third, but were unfortunetly barred from the break. With bogwall (The Scottish Freshers Competition) next week, it looks like they may be providing our young ones with some stiff competition.

Thanks to Edinburgh and Leela for a well run IV – in particular, the tab (https://files.me.com/james.rodger/6008d0) has to be one of the nicest presented ones I’ve ever seen.

Your journey obsessed correspondent

James Beadle

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Firstly, the tab can be found here;


Congratulations must go to Vignesh for receiving an 89 in round three and to Farhan for receiving an 88 in round five. I unfortunetly didn’t get to see Vignesh’s, but Farhan’s was possibly the best speech I’ve seen this year, if not ever.

But, perhaps more importantly, I completely forgot to talk about Oslo A. Karl Kirchoff, a graduate of St Andrews and Filip Bubenheimer reached the ESL Final. And won! And Daniel Berman, also a St Andrews graduate reached the main final.

Your embarrisingly forgetful correspondent


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Wow. Six rounds make for a long I.V. I am, safe to say, exhausted. Happy, but exhausted. I’ve yet to get hold of a tab, so you eager readers may have to wait a bit longer to find out all the juicy details… However a little bird tells me Vignesh came FITFH on tab, out of over two hundred people. This is impressive – his performance as SOAS has being absolutely amazing.

St Andrews B and St Andrews E just missed out of the break :(. However, St Andrews D broke on 13 points and St Andrews A broke on 12! Sad to say, St Andrews D, Vignesh and Alisdair, were knocked out in the quarter finals (still amazingly impressive for a Pro-Am team. Go Alisdair!). Farhan and myself reached the Semis before going down in spectacular fashion. But we had fun! Regretably my voice seems to have taken some damage…

With this being the first IV of the season, it’s a set of results that St Andrews can be proud of. And with Edinburgh next weekend, victory could just be around the corner……

Your croaking correspondent

James Beadle

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Some students spend their Saturday morning in bed, some work on the paper that was due in last week. A select, foolish few, stumble off of a bus at 7am, 400 miles from where they got on. Are they visiting London to see a West End show, or to partake on a champagne breakfast on the London Eye. Nope, instead its a visit to a busy lecture theatre in SOAS university to debate the issues surrounding the latest recipient of the Nobel peace prize.

Below, the motions so far;

Round One: THW legalise polygamy.

Round Two: THW ban the media from reporting the details of violent crimes.

Round Three: TH regrets, with hindsight, the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize, to Liu Xiaobo.

Round Four: THW ban children from receiving any religious instruction.

Round Five: THW make no effort to prevent states without nuclear weapons from acquiring them. (Closed round – to maintain some suspense, we won’t know the results till the break is announced)

At the end of Round Four and going into the closed rounds the teams stood as follows:

St Andrews A: James Beadle and Farhan Samanani                 9 points

St Andrews B: Chris Harper and Ed Noel                                       9

St Andrews C: Rob Cooklin andEmmanuel Michelakakis        6

St Andrews D: Vignesh Ashok and Alasdair Clarkson               10 ( Because they kick ass! Alasdair is a fresher, and this is his first IV.)

St Andrews E: Mile Wood (alum.) and Duncan Crowe              8

I’m being threatened with violence if I sum up these results with any form of optimism, so suffice to say, I am not displeased. But time (well, the last round tomorrow), will tell. Plus the results from the closed fifth round……

Your continually reluctant correspondent

James Beadle

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Firstly, congratulations to Kings Inn A for being the new European Champions! With the Irish having achieved a long-awaited victory over their English oppressors, surely us Scotts must be up next. Right? But perhaps more importantly, our praises must flow to Ljubljana A, the new English as a Second Language champions. Their speeches in the ESL final where truly tremendous, putting  us mono-lingual dinosaurs to shame.

For those of you who are truly debates obsessed, the tab can be found here; https://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0BxjAlpXZ2QaWMjc4NWNhMWQtM2FlYS00Yjc5LTg3YTYtNjYxYjdjMjA5YjA2&hl=nl&authkey=COevvvQC

We went to Amsterdam. We conquered and were conquered. And whilst we may not have returned with victory, we certainly have not being defeated! This battle has being fought, but the war continues. Botswana Worlds is a mere six months away. Tounges must be sharpened, wits must be trained. Casefiles must be forged and new teams must gather and be trained. For the speakers of St Andrews shall not rest until they have won their freedom!

Or at least broken at worlds.

Its being a fun, amazing past five days. Wouldn’t change it for the world.

This is James Beadle, your reluctant EUDC correspondent, signing off.

for now……….

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Unfortunetly no St Andrew Teams, or indeed Scottish teams, made the break 😦

We’ll let you know more once the tab (detailed list of results) is distributed.

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The three closed rounds are upon us – this means no judging feedback readers, we now have to wait unitl 11pm tonight to find out just how well we did…. Before the veil of ignorance was cast down on us, the final scores after five rounds where;

St Andrews A: 11 (Taking a third in the fifth round)

St Andrews B: 10 (Taking a first in the fifth round)

St Andrews C: 9 (taking a third in the fifth round)

So we’re all still on track for the break. Personally, I refuse to publicly speculate on the results of the closed rounds. The suspense and tension has led to Eeyore levels of grumpiness and pessimism on my part! The inner crisis’s of my debating hooked mind are best left in the private domain.

Oh, and our good friends Edinburgh A also entered the closed rounds on 10 points. Yay!

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